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Seat Depth

Tilt Option

Armpad Colour

Back support


Frame finish

Seat finish

Back finish

Arms The Mirra can be ordered with or without arms. Arms can be either fixed or adjustable. Adjustable arms are preferable if the chair is to be used in a hot desking environment.
Seat Depth The Mirra has two options for seat depth, either a fixed depth or Flexfront adjustable. This makes the seat adjustable for different sized people. Ideal if you are working in a hot desking environment.
Armpad Colour If you have chosen a chair with arms, you can choose either black or Shadow as the colour of the armpads. Please see Colour choices for images.
Tilt Option The Mirra can be supplied with a tilt limiter. The tilt limiter is an option that allows you to control how far the seat tips back as you lean back. There is a further option on forward tilt that you can combine with the tilt limiter.
Back Support The Mirra has an additional option, adjustable lumbar support to further support your back. See back support for further information or call 01920 465 037 to discuss your individual requirements.
Castors There are a range of castor options depending on your floor surface.These include carpet castors, hard floor castors, braking castors for a hard floor, and castors that glide on a hard floor. Please call 01920 465 037 if you would like some advice.
Frame Finish The frame is the supporting structure for the seat and castors and is available in the following finishes: Graphite, Shadow, and Polished Aluminium. See Colour choices for images.
Seat Finish The Mirra has several different seat colours. You can make the seat the same colour as the back or have a seperate colour for seat and back if you wish. Please see Colour choices for images.
Back Finish The Mirra gives you a wide choice of colours to co-ordinate your office furniture. Please see Colour choices for images.
Finance Leasing options are available for orders of 5 or more Mirra chairs.