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Embody Base Price (ex. VAT):



Base finish


Frame finish

Fabric type

Fabric Colour

Base Finish The base supports the seat and connects to the castors. It is available in the following colours: Graphite, Titanium, and Polished Aluminium. See colour choices for images.
Castors There are a range of castor options depending on your floor surface.These include carpet castors, hard floor castors, and braking castors for a hard floor. Please call 01920 465 037 if you would like some advice.
Frame Finish The frame is the top part of the Embody, supporting the seat back and arms. Frame finishes are White or Graphite. See colour choices for images.
Fabric Colour You have a wide range of colours to choose from when you get an Embody chair: Black, Carbon, Charcoal, Twilight, Iris, Berry Blue, Peacock, Green Apple, Mulberry, Mink or Molasses. Some colours are not available for your fabric choice. Please see colour choices for images.
Fabric Type Embody has two fabric types for its’ seat: “Rhythm” and “Balance”. See Colour choices for images.
Finance Leasing options are available for orders of 5 or more Embody chairs.