Embody - a serious executive chair for day long working comfort

Health and Natural Movement

The Embody chair promotes healthy sitting by encouraging movement while you sit: movement is key to good health!  There is a back-fit and seat adjustment to conform to your unique shape. The graphite frame mimics your spine.  The tilt encourages you to move naturally, so you can stay supple and focus on your work, and think more clearly.  Embody adjusts to your shifting positions and its’ Pixelated Support helps keep blood circulating.  Through its health positive benefits, Embody supports your body and leaves your mind free to come up with valuable ideas.

Design Experience that makes the Embody Chair Fit Any Body

The Embody story began in the design studio of Jeff Weber and the late Bill Stumpf. They had an idea: “What if a chair could positively impact people so they can work and live better?” As Embody’s designer, Weber gave the chair its function and form, building on Stumpf’s inspiration. Their idea arose out of their approach to design. “You can’t design without empathy,” says Weber, who thrives on projects that involve the human experience.

Designed specifically for people who sit at their computers, Embody’s form is driven by its health-positive features: an instinctive back that fits the unique spinal curvature of each user; Pixelated Support™ , which distributes the user’s weight to help keep blood circulating; a narrow backrest that lets users move their arms freely; and the Embody tilt, which encourages seated movement. These innovations provide computer users with the support they need to keep their eyes aligned with their visual display, no matter what seated posture they’re in. A new reference for comfort, Embody supports people intuitively, allowing them to be undistracted and focus on their work.

A great chair designed to make your day stress free. Configure all the options for your Embody chair by clicking here.

The Herman Miller Embody Chair – Good for Mind & Body – Video

Download Embody Colour choices or a product brochure as a PDF:

Embody executive office chair

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