Celle Chair affordable ergonomic executive office seating


One of the most affordable ergonomic chairs available from the Herman Miller range. Stylish and supportive for long term sitting, this chair gives everyone in your organization working comfort and boosts your environmental credentials with its unique manufacturing process and recycling options. Click to choose the options available for your Celle chair.

Celle – the Design Idea

 Say “SELL-uh.”   Celle: meaning an affordable, sophisticated, supportive work chair that disassembles in five minutes and is 99% recyclable. But you won’t be  recycling this durable chair any time soon. Celle combines innovative support, great looks, and more comfort than any other work chair in its price category.Modern office seating needs to support many different bodies of different shapes and sizes. This is particularly true as more and more organizations choose flexible structures and hot-desking.  The Celle uses material science to deliver support and comfort to any body at a very affordable price.

Human-Centered Design.  Both the patented Harmonic tilt and PostureFit are present on the Celle chair, complementing the flexible support of the Cellular Suspension. The passive PostureFit supports the way your pelvis tilts naturally forward, so that your spine stays properly aligned, whether you’re leaning back or forward. The Harmonic tilt lets you move through the chair’s 28-degree recline range with little effort.

Adjustable and Adaptable.  The Celle chair fits most of the population—tall and short, slim and not-so-slim. And you still have a full range of adjustment controls at your fingertips. So you can make the seat higher or lower, move the armrests, control the tilt tension—personalize the chair to fit the way you want to feel.

Many Applications.  The variety of looks available, straightforward design, and attractive price make the Celle the right chair for a wide range of environments—not just offices and conference areas, but team and community spaces too. Celle performs equally well in business, healthcare, and learning environments worldwide. Blends unobtrusively with interiors, other furnishings, and architecture. From dark to light, neutral to nature based, several colors are available, along with a variety of Latitude upholstery choices.  Naturally, Celle conforms to domestic and global codes and standards.

Earth-Friendly.   That’s an understatement. Each Celle chair is made of one-third recycled materials, and, when its useful life is over, disassembles in five minutes and is 99% recyclable. We haven’t figured out how to recycle the arm pads and a couple of springs—but we’re working on it!It is certified to MBDC Cradle to Cradle Gold and Silver, depending on configuration. Celle is GREENGUARD certified and can contribute to LEED certification.


How Celle Supports Your Cells – Video


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