Back Support

Many of us spend all day sitting in the office so making sure that this is a comfortable healthy experience should be a top priority. Alas back problems are still one of the most common afflictions of the workplace. Ergonomics seeks to find more comfortable ways of using things to make our lives easier. Good ergonomics makes products easier to use, and good design makes them easier to look at. Herman Miller’s design team have applied good design and good ergonomics to office seating for decades. As leaders in their field they design, test and manufacture for customer comfort.

The Need for Lumbar Support

If you sit at a computer (few of us do not) then as you lean forward a gap opens up between your lower back and the chair back rest. Your lower back is then unsupported and there is a tendency to slouch. Do this for long periods of time and poor posture can result in chronic muscle tension, physical injuries or even emotional trauma, such as grief or depression.
All Herman Miller chairs offer varying degrees of back support. The Aeron offers PostureFit® that specifically supports the lower spine.

Not Stationery – Moving

Throughout our working day, although we might be sat at our desk for much of the time, we are moving constantly whether it be to find things either side of us, talking to people on the telephone or typing at a keyboard. Even small movements will make the rest of the body want to move. If an office chair holds you rigidly in one place and your body wants to move then you will suffer discomfort. One of the great breakthroughs in office chair design that began with the Aeron was that the chair should move with its’ user in order to accommodate a wider range of body movements. This is precisely what the Aerons “pellicle” does as well as allowing airflow around the body, making sitting for prolonged periods much more comfortable. The mesh fabric principle of the Aeron pellicle is replicated in some of the other Herman Miller range of chairs such as the Celle, Mirra and SAYL.

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