Ergonomic, Elitist, Cool… the Aeron tops the league of executive chairs.

Cool. Iconic. Ergonomic… but most of all Very, Very Comfortable and Recommended by Chiropractors.

The Aeron chair is one of the most famous office chairs ever known. On permanent display in New York’s Museum of Modern Art, it is also seen it in the most exclusive office surroundings. The Aeron has a cult following around the World especially from those that spend most of their day sat in one. The Aeron’s unique adjustable mechanism keeps users comfortable, for longer.

Two Decades of Design Experience Make the Aeron Chair Fit Any Body

The Aeron chairs’ ground breaking design only came about after talking to many many people who spend a lot of time in chairs. The design team looked at what they do, how they move and how to support many different types of body. Their brief was to start again with no assumptions and build a chair that is truly amazing. They succeeded.

Introducing the Pellicle: The First Office Seating to Lose the Foam

The name Aeron comes from the unique design that allows air to flow around the body whilst it is seated. The Aeron was the first of many new designs to lose the foam padded seat and go for new body supporting materials. These form a component known as the Pellicle. The Pellicle comes in a number of different designs and coupled with the three different seat sizes (see Aeron Size Guide) and additional extras, gives users a huge choice of different configurations to suit literally anyone. We strongly recommend talking to us first before you buy, so that you get the chair that is right for you.

Configure Your Aeron Chair

Your Aeron chair will give you your most comfortable working day provided it is configured correctly. Click to configure your very own Aeron or call us on 01920 465 037 and we will help you by considering all of the following and provide you with free space planning (up to 500 square feet) for your office with your order.

For those wanting to order 5 chairs or more we provide leasing options. See the product brochure for all the product options or call us.

The making of the Aeron – Video



Download a PDF: Colour Options or Product Brochure

               Aeron chair product brochure in PDF formatFrame and seat finish and colour options

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